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Take care of your hands and improve blood circulation with this portable electric massager!

100% portable
This device offers the freedom of wireless use, since it comes with a 2000mAh battery that can hold a charge for up to 3 hours, and be recharged via USB-C cable.
Activates circulation
The i-Hand Massager is made up of tiny airbags that inflate to apply pressure to different parts of the hand, relaxing muscles and activating circulation.
This device has a screen through which its settings can be modified. It offers two different modes, and three levels of intensity.

About i-Hand Massager

Reduces finger numbness, joint pain, and relaxes hand muscles
  • It has a screen where usage options can be modified, as it features 2 usage modes and 3 power levels.
  • Easily control all functions, including duration, air pressure, and heating modes.
  • It can be used wirelessly, as it has a 2000 mAh battery that can last up to 3 consecutive hours and charges via USB type C.

The best option on the market!

Main advantages:

Electric massager
The electric massager for taking care of your hands and relieving pain
Helps prevent dryness and dehydration
 It reduces finger numbness, joint pain and relaxes hand muscles
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Long-lasting rechargeable battery
The hand massager is portable and has a long-lasting rechargeable battery
Helps relieve aches and pains
Reflexology confirms that hand massage can help improve mobility and circulation in your hands. 
Smart technology
The i-Hand Massager uses sophisticated microchip programming to generate a relaxing and customizable rhythm which imitates a pressure-point massage of your fingers, palm, and back of your hand


Can it help relieve hand pain caused by working at the computer?
Of course! It can improve mobility and circulation, and reduce aches and pains.  
How does it work?
It’s simple! It has microchips inside it that create a relaxing rhythm which imitates an acupressure massage on your fingers, palm, and back of your hand.  
Can I bring it with me when traveling?
Absolutely! You can bring it with you anywhere! It’s the perfect size to be 100% portable.
Is the vibration very intense? Will it hurt me?
The device offers 3 levels of intensity, so you can choose based on your personal preference.
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The best option on the market!

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